How to mount & un-mount an image in DISM

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To mount a .WIM file in DISM you can use the following command

Mount-WindowsImage -ImagePath "c:\yourpath\Install.wim" -Index 2 -Path "c:\Mounted_image"

Index number depends on your WIM but in most cases the standard is 2

I recently stumbled into an issue while removing apps from a windows 10 install.wim where i couldn’t run the script due to the image already being mounted. To get around this issue you need to unmount the image in DISM using the following commands.

dism /Unmount-Wim /Mountdir:C:\examplepath /commit

If you do not know the mount directory you can find it and view all mounted images by using the following command

dism /get-mountedwiminfo
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