How to mount & un-mount an image in DISM

To mount a .WIM file in DISM you can use the following command Mount-WindowsImage -ImagePath “c:\yourpath\Install.wim” -Index 2 -Path “c:\Mounted_image” Index number depends on your WIM but in most cases the standard is 2 I recently stumbled into an issue while removing apps from a windows 10 install.wim where i couldn’t run the script due to the image already being mounted. To get around this issue you need to unmount the image in DISM using the following commands. dism /Unmount-Wim /Mountdir:C:\examplepath /commit If you do not know the mount directory you…

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Microsoft Office SCCM 

How To Install Microsoft Office Professional 2016 with SCCM 2012

In this post i will explain the process of deploying Office 2016 Professional Plus unattended with Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manger 2012. This does not cover office 365 professional plus. Step 1: The first step is to download your Office 2016 installation iso from Volume Licensing Centre and copy the contents to your sources folder for example; \\SCCMServer\Sources$\Apps\Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus Step 2: Run the office configuration tool (OCT) by running Setup.exe /Admin from your sources folder. Step 3: Verify you are modifying the correct version of office. Step 4: Set…

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SCCM Windows 10 Admin 

How To Remove Windows 10 System Apps For Deployment with SCCM

In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to remove unwanted System apps from Windows 10 to ensure smooth deployment using SCCM (2012). There are numerous ways to achieve the same result however this is the method I have used which has worked for me. This may not be the preferred way for most people however I find it works well for me. I will assume you have already set up a build and capture Task Sequence to get you base WIM file as this method does not work on the…

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