How to fix SIMS.NET Examinations/Options Module Login Issue

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If you are using ESS as your MIS, you may encounter an issue when trying to use either of the following Modules.

  • Examinations
  • Nova T6
  • System Manager 6
  • Options
  • IEP Writer
  • HR Assistant
  • Apply Timetable

Since the Spring 2023 update, you will now be prompted to login to each module individually however after the Summer 2023 update we found the Exams Manager could no longer login to the Exams Module with the login rejecting the username/password despite it being correct.

How to Fix Exam Module Database Login Error

If you have this error the issue lies within the password used within the account, legacy modules now require a ‘compliant‘ password.

A compliant password MUST:

  • contain at least eight characters
  • contain at least one alphabetic character
  • contain at least one number
  • contain at least one of the following special characters * @ ! # $ %.

However we have noticed the exams module doesn’t cope well with longer passwords. To fix this issue, reset the password for your required user and change it to a ‘Compliant‘ password between 8-12 characters long. You should now be able to access the modules.

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