How to deploy Netsweeper Root Certificate via Intune

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In this quick guide I’ll show you how I quickly deployed Root Certificate Authority cert to Intune Managed Windows 10 devices. In this scenario I needed to quickly deploy staff devices, but a certificate is needed when on-site in order for our web filter Netsweeper to work correctly, this will be similar for any other school using Netsweeper to manage their filtering.

Instead of installing the certificate manually, I decided to automate this process. I know there’s alot of information out there regarding certificates out there, but at the time of writing, i’ve not had chance yet to read up on this. Once i do i’ll do a post on the ‘Proper’ way to do this, but for now here’s the small script that i’ve created which will, create a new directory, download the cert to that directory, install the cert to the trusted root.


# Create Directory for Certificate File
New-Item -Path 'C:\cert' -ItemType Directory
# Change to that directory
set-location C:\cert
# Download Certificate From URL
powershell -command "& { iwr -OutFile ca.crt }"
# Install Certificate to Root
Import-Certificate -FilePath "C:\cert\ca.crt" -CertStoreLocation Cert:\LocalMachine\Root

The CRT file is downloaded in my case from Schools Broadband who are our ISP, you will need to change this suit, maybe upload your own ca.crt file to a filehost and change the URL accordingly.

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