How I Turned My Internet Searches Into Free Pints!

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In this guide I’ll show you how i turned my internet searches into free pints and explain how you can do the same to earn your self free drinks or other rewards!

Normally when you see something like this on the internet you’d be forgiven for thinking “Oh look, another scam” but in this case it’s totally legit using the Microsoft Rewards program, where Microsoft will reward you for using its services, particularly its search engine Bing.

To start with you can sign up for free using your existing Microsoft account (or simply create a new one) and heading to Microsoft Rewards (

Once registered you’ll be given rewards points for a variety of different reasons, including searching on Bing and using MS Edge. You’ll be offered bonus points for setting Bing as your default search engine and other tasks. (I’m aware Bing isn’t the most favourable search engine, but for basic searching it has its place, i imagine it will improve massicly now they have integrated ChatGPT into it)

Each day on the rewards dashboard there is a variety of quizzes and tasks you can complete to earn extra points and boost your rewards total, these take around 5 minutes to complete and you’ll get a new set each day.

With a combination of Bing searches and these tasks, you can earn a minimum of 120 points per day, not massive amounts but for no more than 5 mins a day, it all stacks up! You’ll also be given bonus points for completing the daily tasks 3 days running.

Additional to the 3 daily tasks theirs also other activities you can complete to gain extra points, these usually refresh weekly and are often seasonal or topical depending on the current news or holiday period!

Most of these require Zero effort or knowlege at all, a simple click is enough to earn you the points and most of the quizzes allow you to continue until you select the correct answer, meaning you don’t even have to try!

Since i started writing this article i decided to click through all my activities and start one of the quizzes.

After just over 5 minutes, I’d earnt 421 points, okay not exactly a get rich quick scheme but Rome wasn’t built in a day!

My new total stands at 35,900 points, obviously this has taken a couple of months to reach this total, but spending 5 mins a day clicking a few icons does pay off, so lets have a look what i can get for my points. Head over to the ‘Redeem‘ tab.

This section takes me back to the days of being a kid spending £££s in the arcades to win tickets, only to be told a pencil costs 500 tickets and the only thing you can afford is a couple of Maoam’s, but you have a range of options you can spend your points on, starting from just 200 points including;

  • Xbox Gift Vouchers
  • Sweepstakes
  • Starbucks Gift Cards
  • Tesco Gift Cards
  • Deliveroo Gift Cards
  • Amazon Gift Cards

And more importantly The Great British Pub Gift Code.

I’ll select my reward, there’s different variations available including £5 Voucher for 7,600 points, £10 for 15,200 points or £25 for 37,000. The amount of points required vary depending on what you want, simply set a goal and start earning those rewards!

I think I’ll get myself a £10 voucher and get myself a couple of pints courtesy of Microsoft. Cheers! 🍻

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